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Dementia Care Services


Our employees are trained to the highest level of Dementia care.

Though the biggest risk factor for dementia is the natural ageing process, dementia is not inevitable. When the factors of ageing do lead to dementia, the impact of the condition on individuals and their families and friends can be significant. Our Carers offer a wide range of services that support both the person with dementia and the individuals who provide care who may also be in need of assistance.

With our advanced live-in care and support, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that carers are placed in long-term assignments, minimising the anxiety associated with someone constantly coming and going from the home.

Signs and symptoms

Dementia affects people in different ways and symptoms develop at varied rates. Because early symptoms of dementia can be easy to minimise as normal ageing or as a condition of daily life, doctors encourage anyone experiencing signs to make an appointment with their GP. For example, stress or a long day at work might easily explain the increased forgetfulness and changes in mood that actually signal something more concerning. If left untreated, symptoms of dementia can lead to more serious features of the condition more quickly.

confusion in a familiar place
problems keeping track of personal belongings
forgetting to do routine household tasks
struggling to remember a name

With our standard live-in care and support, you can be assured that our carers will provide you with the companionship you need. Having someone to talk to, listen to music with, help with shopping or making appointments on time.

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A dedicated Care Assessor will visit you at home for a free no obligation initial assessment to discuss the level of care  you require.

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Once your care plan is in place, we will continually monitor and review your care plan with you to ensure it meets your care requirements.